Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program


Based on the knowledge of material properties depending on the composition and structure, the materials science and engineering (MSE) is a discipline that leads the future industry by developing new materials required in applications and discovering new functions of materials that could not be known before. Since future science and technology are expected to develop closely in connection with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the department of MSE at Gachon University is dedicated to pioneering the field of “intelligent materials (i-Mat)” that can effectively drive future industries. The purpose of the undergraduate program is to cultivate talented personnel with knowledge and experience in materials.


Master's Program

To cultivate creative talents suitable for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the field of materials engineering, the following educational goals are set.
·   Develop problem solving skills based on creative thinking and basic knowledge of new material engineering
·   Gain expertise in the field of intelligent materials
·   Develop the ability to create new academic and industrial values with new material design techniques


Organization of the curriculum by stages and grades in the following structure.

·   Basic Education: Major Physics-Chemistry and Materials Science 1,2 Courses
·   Computer-aided engineering education: Circuit theory and practice, Introduction to measurement, Computerized control curriculum
·   Operation of major tracks related to semiconductor, display, energy and biotechnology.

Curriculum for B.S.E in Materials Science and Engineering

·   The BSE Curriculum requires a minimum of 120 credits to satisfy graduation requirements
·   The BSE curriculum includes the following requirements:
··   Liberal Arts Requirement (70 credits)
··   Major Electives (42 credits)
··   Major Required (18 credits)

Curriculum Structure

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

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