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Welcome from the Chair

Materials are the starting point of all technological development. Because of this, all students studying and exploring material engineering deserve the pride and sense of responsibility that they are standing at the forefront of science and technology development.

Our Gachon Materials Science and Engineering (GMSE) department does not nurture personnel for problem solving. The GMSE trains talented people to identify and find problems to be solved. The GMSE cultivates talented people who constantly act and actively make their own attempts. Anyone who is interested in exploring their future in the field of materials science and engineering is welcome to join the GMSE. The GMSE welcomes people with a little interest in science and engineering. The GMSE acquires basic and applied knowledge related to ceramics, metals and polymers. Above all, GMSE will continue to develop educational programs for students who study and explore materials engineering to evolve into professionalism and individual talents, while at the same time ensuring that students have a differentiated ability in materials engineering. The GMSE strongly recommends that all students who wish to acquire more advanced and specialized knowledge and practical skills in materials engineering continue to pursue research and exploration in graduate school. During the graduate course, all students will undertake competitive government and industry research projects conducted by professors of advanced materials engineering. Sincerely,
Chair, Materials Science and Engineering

Our Mission

Our mission is to “educate and study faithfully to the basic concepts of engineering" This is the ultimate value we pursue.

All the technologies that have made significant strides in engineering have been asking themselves if it is worth it, rather than trying to show it to whom. We will ask ourselves if the education and research we are doing is valuable to make real progress in engineering.
And we will do our best to educate and study faithful to the basics and concepts of engineering in order to act on the questions.


Technology that matches human life is real science and technology.

We believe that truly valuable science and technology is to discover and solve the problems of the present so that we can have a better life than the past and hope for the future for all.

We combine the knowledge, experience and passion of our members to embody true science and technology as well as to cultivate future talent.

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„The Future of Materials Engineering”

Materials engineering provides all engineering strengths in the past, present and future. Because of this, materials engineering has become one of the platforms for convergent education and research in all engineering fields. Faithful concepts and knowledge of materials engineering are becoming increasingly important for all other engineering advances. Therefore, the future of materials engineering is the future of engineering in many other fields. Engineers with knowledge and concepts in materials engineering can make an important contribution in all areas of engineering.

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