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2020년 March 30일

2020학년도 인성세미나 응급처치 교육 안내문

2020학년도응급처치교육_안내문   2020.04.01(수)~2020.06.07(일) 23:59 까지 미수엄 시 인성세미나[(구) 창의와 인성] Fail로 처리 되어 학점취득과 졸업이 불가합니다. 2015~2019학년도 필수이수 적용됩니다.  
2014년 May 9일

A new technique could help lead to safer drugs and agrichemicals

One problem with some synthesized molecules is that they look similar but, like right and left hands, aren’t interchangeable. A team of researchers uses light to separate them.

2014년 May 8일

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2019년 September 19일

Digital City Design Workshop

The Digital Revolution is changing the way we live today as radically as the Industrial Revolution did almost two centuries ago. As urbanization accelerates across the […]
2019년 September 19일

Engineering Design Workshop

The Engineering Design Workshop (EDW) engages Cambridge, Boston, and Greater Boston-area 9th through 12th grade students in hands-on engineering projects. Students in this hands-on, self-motivated summer […]
2019년 September 19일

2019 GMSE Workshop

■ Time: Jan. 21-11, 2019   ■ Venue: Rm 9B217 International Hall (국제관), SKKU Seoul, Korea   ■ Topic: Atomically Engineered Materials and Processing   ■ […]

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